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Appeal from Kenya: “Save the Children”

From “Ierapostolikos Tahydromos” magazine Every day we are living  the big drama of young children. In our societies certain things are facts. The children of ours are growing in their environment and they are being offered the necessary food under any circumstances, from the morning until the time comes to sleep. Normal things! They cannot […]

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Wishes from Madagascar

My dear brothers in Christ, With great joy we are welcoming again this year the Metropolis of feasts and festival of festivals, namely the Holy Christmas and the Epiphany of thοse born by Virgin Mary Blessed Mother of God and I hasten in lots of love to offer you my Pontifical and missionary wishes, for […]

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‘The charity in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ is salvation. It is not mere charity, it is spiritual charity.’ p. Themistoklis Adamopoulos, ‘Ierapostolikos Tachidromos’ magazine, issue #132, Oct.- Nov.- Dec. 2015. Bishop of Katanga m.Meletios Gregoriatis is working simultaneously for the transfusion of God’s word in Congo and for the autonomy of the […]

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From the website of the Church of Albania   In 1991 with the restoration of the freedom, after a  hard and long persecution (1945-1991), and with the arrival of the Archbishop Anastas Yannoulatos, the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania directed and organized by him, has been revival again. Facing all the miscellaneous problems, time to […]

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Heroism in the hell of Ebola

Watch this video in NERIT channel  Here is a translation of the report. The scenes are shocking in Sierra Leone. Thousands of people are stacked on top of each other in hospitals waiting for their martyric death, not knowing if they are dying from Ebola or from hunger. The situation is dramatic. As the Greek […]

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An excerpt from an article by Bishop Ambrosios Zografou, (he was an Archimandrite then), titled “Educational requirements and theoretical observations for the development of the mission” published in the journal “Synaxis”, No. 78, April-June, 2001. Before quoting the excerpt, titled “Local” Orthodoxy”, we point out that in a footnote at the beginning of the article, […]

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Παιδί στον Άγιο Σεραφείμ

Mission in the way of Christ

Athanasios Papathanasiou, Dr of Theology E-mail: paptam [at] Published in the journal Panta ta Ethni 93 (2005, pp 3-4) The Resurrection of Christ marked the beginning of a new universal possibility: The whole of humanity is invited to be grafted to the Risen Body of Christ and head towards the coming, final renewal of […]

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