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What is Porefthendes?

The Inter-Orthodox Centre “Porefthendes” is a collective effort that with the Lord’s blessing, has been serving Orthodox Mission in all the world for many decades now under the auspices of the Church of Greece with discernment and without bias. The inspiration and soul of the course of “Porefthendes” is Archbishop Anastasios of Tirana, Durrës and All Albania, who has set the aims of the association and with God’s help has opened new paths of pursuit in the field of Mission. The fellow travelers on this road that he has mapped out over many decades are many known and unknown “laborers” in the Lord’s vineyard and, as always, the harvest may be plentiful, but God always sends willing harvesters.

The missionary association “Porefthendes” consists of people of all ages and different professions and tries to answer to every call for help and support from all the “fronts” of contemporary mission. Africa, Korea, the Far East, Albania and so many other places where to call to make disciples of all nations is put into practice, ask for support and help on a daily basis.

The call becomes all the more intensive as the churches increase and the demands become increasingly greater and more complex. “Porefthentes” cannot do anything other than what its name calls for: to continue to “go forth” without ever forgetting that “we are the Lord’s.” Everything belongs to Him and without His blessing nothing can bear fruit.

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