An excerpt from an article by Bishop Ambrosios Zografou, (he was an Archimandrite then), titled "Educational requirements and theoretical observations for the development of the mission" published in the journal "Synaxis", No. 78, April-June, 2001. Before quoting the...

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Precious Todayness

  Athanasios Papathanasiou, Dr of Theology E-mail: paptam [at] Published in the journal “Panta ta Ethni” 122 (2012) pg 11-12 A while ago this journal published an article of mine titled Meeting with “todayness” [1] I had tried to demonstrate a...

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Mission in the way of Christ

  Published in the journal Panta ta Ethni 93 (2005, pp 3-4) The Resurrection of Christ marked the beginning of a new universal possibility: The whole of humanity is invited to be grafted to the Risen Body of Christ and head towards the coming, final renewal of...

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