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Here is a translation of the report.

The scenes are shocking in Sierra Leone. Thousands of people are stacked on top of each other in hospitals waiting for their martyric death, not knowing if they are dying from Ebola or from hunger. The situation is dramatic. As the Greek missionary Themistocles Adamopoulos who lives there and struggles against the deadly virus said, “Approximately 5 people die from the illness every hour. Nobody can touch anyone. People are afraid of each other, not knowing who carries the virus. You are scared of getting into a bus, you are afraid to go to hospital.”

The capital, Freetown, has become a cemetery. Bodies lay even in the streets. One month ago the missionary was going to leave for Australia to gather humanitarian aid. In the end he wasn’t able to leave his congregation who needed him. Thus he works tirelessly day and night to inform people about the precautionary measures from the deadly virus. “If I hadn’t stayed we would perhaps have had more problems here in the congregation. We are working every day, going around and explaining the problem. None of the Orthodox people has been infected with Ebola.”

“Are you afraid you’ll catch it?”  “I don’t wake up in the morning in a panic, but I worry.” His missionary work was inspired by Mother Teresa as he has said in the past. “This is an elderly woman who did such wonderful work and now I thought I’d rather leave the academy and let the others study these things and I will now go to Africa.” He makes daily visits to the three Greek Orthodox Churches, he organizes soup kitchens, and he is there if someone needs him. And he makes this appeal: Pray for us. And help us, as much as you can.