The Orthodox Church in Kenya, has been helping combat hunger and suffering in Kenya not only during this current pandemic, but over the many trying times that the people of Kenya have gone through over the years.
After the regrettable post-election violence of 2007/8, many people were displaced and became IDP ‘s in many regions of Kenya. Our Church took it upon itself to help these displaced people with food and clothing, an exercise that the church carried on long after the government and other agencies had left the scene.
Then came the several drought seasons, people lost ther livelihoods due to lack of harvest and countless livestock died. Again, our Church went to their rescue with food donations. At one time, I distributed maize flour and other food stuff worth 40,000 euros. This was distributed across the entire Kenya where the drought had hit hard, from the interior Maasai land even as far as the arid North where we have the Turkana and Samburu tribes.
Many more hatdships have befallen our people and the Church has always been on the front line in assisting our brothers and sisters in whatever ways we can.
The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has proven to be disastrous, due to repeated incidences of lock-downs causing the closure of many businesses with unimaginable loss of employment of thousands of Kenyans. Since the onset of the lockdowns, in early 2020, I embarked on a rigorous program of food distributions to all affected people here in Nairobi and across the country. Using our many parishes across the country, we were able to pinpoint the neediest in each area, irrespective of their race, tribe or religion.
Our efforts proved that, best and most effective way to help the people who are affected is through the Church. In the four decades I have stayed in Kenya, I have seen the way many government relief programs are handled and I must confess in all sincerity, that much of the relief seeldom reaches the intended quarters. I am in no way suggesting that the government be not assisted in its efforts, but that the Church, in the current situation, is the best channel to get relief to the neediest people. Attached to this write-up are several pictures on the many instances the Church has rushed to the relief of the people of Kenya.